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Margo Nelissen is a jewelry designer from the Netherlands. She designs unique pieces and small collections inspired by different themes. Steadily and organically she’s expanding her oeuvre like growing branches on a tree. Sometimes she works on a collection for years, sometimes on different collections at the same time.


Regularly and successfully Margo shows her creations in galleries both nationally and internationally.  Apart from in her own studio her work is shown and sold in galleries in France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Curacao. She’s a member of Klimt02, an international art jewelry community.

Ever since she was young Margo has been making jewels. She started experimenting with new materials like finds and junk when she was little. Even for the dolls she made at that time, she created jewels and amulets. She loved and still loves this fine work. From the moment she discovered there’s a special art design program at the Art Academy, she knows that’s where she wants to go.


Margo Nelissen started her career at the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht (The Netherlands), at the department for product design. Jewelry and ways of adornment in other cultures, especially Africa, have been fascinating her ever since. Margo traveled through Africa for six months, studying these adornments. This inspired her to go and study Cultural Anthropology at Leiden University, the Netherlands, where she specialized in the subject of amulets.


After working for museums and development organizations for a couple of years, Margo started her own studio in 1995 and she focuses on designing jewelry. From 2010 till 2013 she lived and worked on the Caribbean island, Curacao. Nowadays she regularly realizes projects together with other artists. She works on commission and designs and makes beautiful wedding rings. Her studio is located in the middle of the Netherlands. 

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