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©  foto Petra de Vree

Portrait Margo Nelissen


"I am intrigued by structures and patterns. My first jewels from the 1980s are the result of studying and applying ancient textile techniques in metal wire. These applications prove to be inexhaustible. I construct golden earrings from minuscule weaves and knitting work to robust yet airy iron and copper necklaces.


Over the years I experimented with new techniques to allow for new forms of expression. I created cast collections, collections consisting of natural materials and seeds and sometimes I even used glass splinters.


The inspiration for my designs arises from historic themes, African ways of adornment and the symbolic meaning jewelry can have. A three-year stay in the Caribbean with its overwhelming nature, leads to plant motives (seeds, decay in nature) and the underwater world as major themes in my work. Structures and repetitive forms play an important role in my designs.


Characteristic for all my work is the refinement and detail, even in the robust big pieces. Moreover, I see to it that they are pleasant to wear."


On the collections page you will find detailed information about my collections.

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